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  • How do I order?
    Fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We will respond to discuss with you the details of your order.
  • Why don't you list pricing on your website?
    21Six Threads specializes in fully custom jerseys and apparel. The intricate details of your order, along with quantities, materials and delivery times affect the overall cost. We will outline all costs after we organize the details of your order. We understand the market and offer very competitive pricing.
  • How do I get a quote?
    Fill out the form on the Contact Us page. We will respond to discuss with you the details of your order. A detailed quote will follow. The quote is completely FREE, and valid for 30 days, allowing you time to shop around and make a decision that's right for you.
  • How long will it take to receive my order?
    Delivery times depend on a variety of factors. Estimated delivery times range from 3 - 4 weeks (upon approval of the final art draft). Re-orders are typically shorter. Supply chain demands, and Covid-19 related issues have unfortunately extended our delivery window. Please be patient with us during this time. We are constantly striving to provide fast service, while also maintaining 21Six Threads level quality.
  • Do you only produce basketball jerseys?
    We initially started with basketball jerseys, and they currently make up the majority of our business. However, we have also created uniforms for volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, crew and track - and are always looking to try something new! Reach out and we'll see what's possible.
  • Do you only produce jerseys?
    No! We can also manufacture custom shirts, jackets, hoodies, warm-ups and coaching apparel for your team, organization or corporation. Please visit our Online Store [coming soon] for 21Six Threads Branded Apparel.
  • Where are you located? Do you have a brick-and-mortar store?
    21Six Threads is located in the Bay Area, California, but is an online/virtual experience that can be accessed by anyone with a computer.

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